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Welcome to 2nd grade! I am very excited to have your child in my classroom this year! Below is an informational packet to explain some of the procedures we use in our classroom, hopefully this will help with the transition from first grade. I am excited to work with you this year to give your child the best education possible! Teaching is a team effort between parents and the school and I am confident that this will be a great second grade year!
Classroom Management: I use a program called Class Dojo in the classroom.  This is an app that can be downloaded on your phone or you can access it on your computer.  I sent home informational sheets on how to access this last Friday, if you need another copy please let me know.  Students can earn positive and negative Dojo points depending on their behavior.  I will also use Class Dojo as my primary means of communication with parents.  I will use it to send reminders and also to send individual notes to parents.  Sometimes I will post pictures and video from our classroom to share what we are doing.  The students were informed of our classroom code of conduct on the first day of school.  We discussed what we wanted our classroom to look like and sound like throughout the school year.  Each student will be held responsible for his/her choices, positive Dojo points will result in rewards, negative points will have consequences. Please check our Class Dojo and discuss with your child daily.

Communication Folder: The Communication Folder will be sent home nightly. If homework requires a handout you can find it in this folder. Students will read an AR book nightly and have a math and reading sheet that will come home on Friday.  The math and reading sheets are due the following Friday. Please return all homework in this folder to help keep your child organized.  On Friday this folder will contain work completed in class, newsletters from us, or school-wide flyers. I only send home class papers and information on Friday, it will be used the rest of the week as a homework folder.  On Friday please sign the log in the back of the folder to let me know you have looked through your child’s work and information for the week. In addition your child will bring home their Friday journal every Friday. They will have a summary of their week inside, please read this and write a reply to your child.  This is a great way for your child to practice their writing skills and will be a wonderful way to have a memory of what they did during their second grade year.

Reading Log: Your child should be reading EVERYDAY.  I require that students read Monday – Thursday evening and sign the reading log.  To strengthen reading skills developed at school, the students need practice at home. You can take an active part in their learning by setting aside time each night devoted to reading. They will be exposed to many different types of reading, so feel free to read a favorite story, a magazine article, directions for a recipe, or anything else to help emphasize that reading is important.  Children look to their parents as an example. By showing that reading is important to you, they will realize the power of knowing how to read. A reading log will be sent home in the Communication Folder for you to sign. I encourage you to get the whole family involved and show our readers the excitement of reading!  At the beginning of the school year your child should be reading nightly for 15 minutes. They will be expected to take an AR test on their book when they bring it back, if your child needs another night for their book or if it was too hard please let me know.

Book Orders: To help families increase their home libraries; I will send a flyer periodically that contains descriptions of discounted books.  I hope that you will take advantage of these great prices and provide your child with a selection of books, if you are able to do so.  By purchasing through the flyer, you will also help the classroom receive books for your child to read at school.  For each dollar you spend, our classroom receives one bonus point toward FREE books!  This is such a great asset to our classroom and benefit for your child. There are two ways you can purchase books.  You can fill out the order and send it in with a check to Scholastic Book Clubs or you can order online.  If you order online please go to, click book clubs and enter our classroom code – GKM2C.  All books will still be sent to school and I will send these home with your student.

Attendance: Please make sure that your child attends school each day.  Every day is packed with learning that can't always be learned independently at home.  Our class is filled with discussion and how a topic relates to our everyday lives.  Hands-on activities reinforce concepts we learn and may not always be able to be completed at home either.  Review the school policy concerning attendance in the manual.  If your child is absent, please send in a note to excuse the absence.  I will send home any work that can be completed outside the classroom.

Snacks: We will have snack time  to keep our brains fueled!  These snacks should be healthy, not junk food.  Examples of healthy snacks: fruit, veggies, granola bars, cheese and crackers, etc.  We will use a snack calendar system.  Please send a healthy snack for the class on your assigned day.  Individually wrapped snacks are great because they take less time away from our free time.  I would greatly appreciate individually wrapped snacks or snacks portioned into baggies when it is your snack day.  Either method works; I know that individually wrapped snacks can get expensive. 

Daily Schedule: Our special area time will be from 2:30-3:20 daily. 

Computer PE Library Art Music

Monday – Computer

Tuesday – PE

Wednesday – Library

Thursday – Art

Friday – Music

We will eat lunch from 11:42-12:07. Each student is assigned a lunch number for his or her personal account.  You may deposit money into the account using cash or checks (made payable to Spencer County Food Services) by the day, week, month, or even the year.  You may eat lunch with your child throughout the year by meeting us in the cafeteria, the students love it when we have visitors for lunch! However, you must follow the guidelines stated in the student handbook wellness policy.

  • No soft drinks in the cafeteria during mealtime.
  • Visitors may not bring foods from outside establishments into the cafeteria.

Money: On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school.  Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information: child's name, purpose of money (lunch, book order, etc), teacher's name. 

Birthdays: Birthdays are special times and we would love to help your child celebrate with a special snack if you wish. Please send me a note or a message and let me know if you will be bringing in a special snack for your child’s birthday.

Volunteers: Anyone interested in volunteering at school or on field trips must have a crime check on file at the Board of Education.  You may contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Diana Welch (477-6950) or the Board of Education (477-3250) for more information.  A Youth Leader Request can be found in the packet from Open House.  Please fill out the GREEN sheet and return it as soon as possible.  If you would like to volunteer in the classroom please let me know. 

Transportation: If you plan to change the mode of transportation in any way (car rider, different bus) you must send a written not from the parent or guardian.  Please include the date of the change and the car or bus number.  If a written note is not sent, your child will be sent home by their usual method of transportation.

Conferences and Parent Meetings: These will be scheduled for all parents on certain days of the year.  However, please contact me to set up an appointment if you feel a conference is necessary before then.  I want to keep the lines of communication open with you at all times.  I want to be accessible to you and your family as needed.  Therefore, please contact me throughout the year to discuss any topic that you feel should be addressed about your child.  The following addresses and phone numbers are the ways you can reach our team (other than the daily communication folder):

Technology:  There are several programs we will use in the classroom that can also be accessed at home.  We will use Dreambox, Lexia, and Xtra Math.  Please watch for your child’s password and information to come home.  The students cannot take AR tests at home, however they can look at their bookcase and show you how they are doing on their tests.

Spencer County Elementary School: 502-477-6950





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