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Justin Irby

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I began college on a fast track at Georgia College and State University with full intention of transferring to Georgia Tech for a degree in aeronautical engineering.  I took a large number of really difficult math classes.  (Don't take math classes at a liberal arts college).  Then they removed my next class from the course catalog.  Oh No!!!!.  I then decided to change my major from pre-engineering to psychology.  If I couldn't figure out how the world worked then I would figure out how the human works.  I also received my call to ministry.  I got married to my college sweetheart right after graduation and moved to Kentucky to attend Asbury Theological Seminary.  I worked in the ministry for the next 5 years as a youth pastor and pastor in Kentucky.  We had our first daughter, Liliana.  She was such a joy that we feared having a second child because she was so good.  We moved back to Georgia where I pastored a house church and got my teaching certificate.  We decided we had waited long enough to have another child.  Annalyse was trouble from the start.  She wanted to meet us a little early, three months early.  After 77 days and coming back to life three times we got to take her home for good and she is the happiest, loudest, most emotional baby I have ever met.  I taught for 3 years in Georgia before we decided we wanted to be back in Kentucky, they say it is a fever.  So we made plans to move back to Kentucky.  I started my teaching career at Westport TAPP in Louisville and stayed there for one year before finding a place here in Spencer County and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

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