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Last Updated: 6/28/2019 6:31 PM

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  Kindergarten Supply List for: Buynak
                                               - Hollan
                                               - Hutt
                                               - Sweazy

  1st Grade Supply List for: Burns, Finley, Frame, and Zuhars

  2nd Grade Supply List for:  Carrico, Drake, Tackett, and Waller

  3rd Grade Supply List for:  Gravett, Pence, Tipton, and Voegele

  4th Grade Supply List for:  Harrelson, Scheich, White, and Whitley

  5th Grade Supply List for:  Frye, Harley, Hickerson, and Zurkuhlen


The Family Resource Center is available for support if needed.  

Many of these items will be available free at the Health Fair/Readifest. 



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