Registration Information


All of these forms/documents must be on file at your child’s school prior to the first day of the school year.

Proof of Residency
A copy of a deed or lease or a utility bill with a physical address, not a PO Box.  A utility bill going to the address in the name of the head of household.


  •      Electric Bill
  •      Water Bill
  •      Cable or Satellite Bill


The registrar will examine any other piece of important mail for acceptance if there is not a utility bill available for documentation.


In some cases where you may be living with a relative, please supply the registrar with a NOTORIZED letter signed by he owner of the residence stating that you are temporarily living with them at that particular residence.


Social Security Number

Birth certificate (KRS158.032)
Parent/guardian shall provide: (a) a certified copy of student's birth certificate or (b) reliable proof of student's age and identity with an affidavit of the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate.

Immunization Certificate (KRS 214.034/KRS 214.036)
Any child enrolled in public or private primary or secondary schools and preschool programs shall have a current Kentucky Immunization Certificate on file. There are only 2 exceptions by which a child may be excused. (1) Certificate of Medical Exemption by the child's physician or (2) Certificate of Religious Exemption that is a sworn statement objecting to the immunization of the student on religious grounds


Preventative Health Care Exam (704 KAR 4:020)
A preventative health care exam, competed by a physician on a Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form, within 1 year prior to the child's initial admission to school and 1 year prior to sixth grade. Out of state transfers shall also be required to have documentation of preventative health care exam.


Eye Exam (KRS 156.160)
A vision exam is required by an optometrist or ophthalmologist the first year that a child is enrolled in public school, public preschool or head start. This must be on a Kentucky Eye Examination Form for School Entry.


Dental Screening (KRS 156.160(i))
A dental screen or exam by a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, registered nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner or physicians assistant shall be presented to the school upon enrollment the first year that a (5) or (6) year old is enrolled in public school. This screening must be on the Kentucky Dental Screening/Examination Form for School Entry

Forms can be accessed from your medical provider


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