Bids and Purchasing

Purchases that are $5,000 or more

must be approved by the Superintendent.


Purchase Certification Form

This form is to be certified by the District Finance Officer prior to the purchase. District/school personnel may make purchases of up to $2,500 outside established price contract agreements after approval from District Finance Officer.

Vendor Source
Updated 12/16/2015


Bids and Coops

  1. SCPS Vendor List 
  2. KPC Vendors 
  3. KEDC (Federal Funded Purchases)
  4. ALL STATE AGENCY Master Agreement Listing
  5. NJPA Vendors
  6. AEPA Vendor List
  7. US Communities Vendors
  8. First Aid (Cintas) - (502) 964-7337(502) 964-7337
  9. Insurance - Student
  10. Printing - (KPC)

 Vendor Complaint Form 


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