Home Hospital Program

Home Hospital Program


Applicable Statutes and Regulations:

KRS 157.270                           Instruction in child’s home or hospital

KRS 157.360                           Base funding level adjustment; adjustment;
                                                 Enforcement of maximum class sizes;
                                                 Allotment of program funds

KRS 159.030                           Exemptions from compulsory attendance

704 KAR 7:120                        Home/Hospital Instruction

Under the provisions of KRS 159.303(2) and 704 KAR 7:120, students who are unable to attend school due to illness or injury may continue their school services through the provision of instruction in a home or hospital setting. Home/Hospital instruction is intended to be short term-instruction in the home or other designated site for a student who is temporarily unable to attend school. According to state regulations, two (2) one (1) hour visits by the home instruction teacher each week will be equivalent to five days of school attendance (ADA). Home instruction is not designed to take the place of a more appropriate school service.

Districts have the option of using school numbers 998 (elementary) and 999 (secondary) or the Home/Hospital attendance group to report attendance for students receiving Home/Hospital services.

Daily instructional time provided by teachers is to be recorded on the home and hospital form provided by the Division of Exceptional Children Services. School months must be clearly indicated on the form. Instructional time equivalents from this form must be reflected in the attendance recorded on the PA-2 for the students receiving Home/Hospital services.

Home and hospital students are funded an additional amount equal to the guaranteed base funding level less capital outlay ($100). The home and hospital add-on for the SEEK funding formula is calculated from the end of the year home and hospital ADA reported on the Superintendent’s Annual Attendance Report.

Districts must comply with all applicable statutes and regulations governing operation of a home and hospital program.


Please contact the Assistant Superintendent, Chuck Abell, regarding information in relation to the Home and Hospital Program


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