Week of April 15 - April 26

Word Work (Wd Wk): Study Spelling words as needed

Besides studying Spelling Words and Word Wall Words, the only homework will be to complete the Animal Research Project by April. 26.  That is two weeks to get this project completed. Thanks!!


See Spelling/Word Wall Words below!



Week of 

Reading: Read 10-15  minutes.  Sign Reading Log on the back of the Newsletter. 

Word Work (Wd Wk):  Study Spelling Words and Word Wall Words as needed:   

Spelling Words: ( oa/ow  pattern) coach, coast, float, toast, throat, follow, hollow, pillow, window, yellow

Bonus: growth, airflow

NEW AS OF MARCH: Write your spelling words one time in print and one time in cursive. 

(EC: Write your spelling words in a sentence.  You may use more than one spelling word in a sentence, thus eliminating the amount of sentences you need to write.)

Word Wall Words:  buy, know, not, one, what


Cursive letters learned: We have learned all letters both capital and lowercase.  Practice as needed

Cursive words: sit, wrist, it, rust, just, cut, pie, well, elf, his, kite, bike, are, boat, desk, quick, coco, dog, vest, clown, men, six, you, zero, lazy


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