Information You Need To Know

Information You Need To Know

Spencer County Elementary, Donna Lay



Backpacks- Please make sure that your child can open and close their backpack by themselves.  Also, in case your child might have an accident, please keep an extra change of clothes (shirt, underwear, pants, and socks) in the backpack at all times.  The children are more comfortable in their own clothes and less embarrassed about having an accident.  NO roller backpacks are allowed due to safety concerns.  Please label your child’s backpack with their name and address in case the backpack should get lost.


Nametags- Your child will wear home a nametag starting the first day of school.  This nametag will have your child’s name as well as my name and room number, your child’s lunch number, and bus information.  Please have your child wear this each day to school.  This will help the staff in case your child needs assistance.  Please help your child learn this information on the nametag.  As soon as your child learns this information, we will keep the nametag to reuse next year.  Thank you for your help in this matter.



Breakfast and Lunch money- If you choose for your child to eat breakfast at school, then your child needs to report to the lunchroom as soon as he/she arrives at school.  After they eat their breakfast, they will go to the gym.  Staff monitors the gym and the lunchroom.  Please explain to your child if they need to eat breakfast at school or not.  It is confusing for the little ones until they figure out if they are supposed to eat or not.



Money can be sent to school on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis.  However you choose to send in money is fine, but I would like for you to place the money or check in an envelope with your child’s name and lunch number written on the outside of the envelope and placed inside the bag of homework folder.  I will collect all lunch money at the beginning of the day and make sure your child has it to give to the lunchroom staff. (For questions regarding about account balances and other questions in regard to breakfast and lunch, please call the school and they will transfer you to the lunchroom to speak with Cindy Nall, the lunchroom director.)  You may choose to send in your child’s lunch in a lunchbox or sack.  Please label it with your child’s name.  Please be aware that the children are NOT allowed to have soft drink in their lunches. 


You may eat lunch with your child throughout the year.  However, we ask that you wait until after the first six weeks of school to give your child time to adjust to the routine and eliminate tears.



Attendance- Attendance is very important, even in Kindergarten.  You are allowed to write 5 parent notes for the entire year.  For example, if your child is sick with a cold and you do not take them to the doctor, you may write a note.  If your child is out for 2 days for the cold, your parent note will count as 2 parent notes.  Therefore, the parent notes can be used rather quickly.  Anytime you take your child to the doctor or dentist, please get a doctor’s note and send it to school by placing it in the pocket of the blue binder.  As I receive the notes, they will be turned into to the office.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SEND IN SOME FORM OF NOTE ON THE DAY YOUR CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL.  You have only 3 days to turn this note in or it is counted as unexcused.  Attendance is out of my hands.  I can only report the information I receive.  It is your responsibility


Bus and Car Rider Information-Please start the first day of school allowing your child to do as they will do everyday.  This leads to less confusion for the children as well as us.

For any bus/car rider changes, I MUST receive a note with the child’s full name and date.  If your child is a car rider and will be picked up by someone different, I MUST receive a note telling me who will be picking up your child.  If you plan on picking up your child daily, you will need to see the office staff and receive a car number that is to be displayed in you car at pick up times.  THE OFFICE STAFF WILL NOT ACCEPT PHONE CALLS OR FAXES. This is all for the safety of your child.

     For transportation questions, call the board office (477-3250) and ask to speak to the transportation department.


Homework Folders- Each night, Monday through Thursday, your child will bring home a homework folder in a bag and a homework book.  This will also have a word list and other important papers in it.  You will need to read the book to your child and log the information on the form. Please write the name of the book, any comments you have, and the date.  Be sure to read the letter inside the folder to inform you of more information about the reading homework.  Please return the folder and book inside the bag each and every day.  (If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just a general comment, please feel free to write them in the homework folder on the comment section.  I will respond as soon as I can.)

On Friday, your child will bring home the same homework folder, only on this day, there will be no homework book to read.  Instead, you will find our classroom newsletter, book orders, and other information.  Please check the folder and gather all the information out of the folder, then return it on the following school day.


Water Bottle- Each child also needs a water bottle with a cap (to prevent spills).  These water bottles will be filled at the beginning of the day.  The children can get a drink anytime without disturbing class, plus eliminated some germs!  Make sure your child’s name is on this and THAT YOUR CHILD CAN OPEN AND CLOSE THE LID INDEPENDENTLY. 


Snack- Each child needs to bring a HEALTHY SNACK EACH DAY.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY THAT YOUR CHILD HAS A SNACK.  I have a refrigerator for items such as yogurt, fruit, etc.


Birthdays- If you would like to send in treats to celebrate your child’s birthday, please feel free to do so.  We will do all treats in the afternoon after lunch.



T-Shirt- Please send in a plain white t-shirt for your child by the first day of school.  We will create a shirt to wear for various events throughout the year so please make sure the shirt will be large enough for the spring semester too.


I am sure I have not answered all the questions that will arise throughout the year so at any time you have questions or concerns, please let me know. 


Donna Lay

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