Classroom Discipline

Dear Friends,                                  

     In order to guarantee the best learning environment, we will utilize the following discipline plan.  You will be notified of your child’s behavior should a situation arise by the behavior log in the binder nightly. Please read the following plan with your child and sign the bottom portion of the page leaving it in the binder.  As the behavior log comes home nightly, please initial it for each day.


Our class goals are:

  1. We will RESPECT one another.
  2. We will be FAIR.
  3. We will CARE for our things and one another.
  4. We will always be HONEST.
  5. We will be RESPONSIBLE for our actions.
  6. We will have COURAGE to try new things.


    If your child breaks a goal, a consequence will result in a color change.

    Consequences include:

  1. Warning
  2. Yellow- Time out
  3. Red- Loss of recess
  4. Removal from class (if necessary)   

    All consequences are eliminated at the end of the day in order to give the children an opportunity for a fresh start each day.


    We also enjoy rewarding students when they behave appropriately and contribute to the classroom positively. 


    Students that behave appropriately may receive special privileges.

    Special privileges include:

  1. Extra time for a special activity
  2. Happy notes home
  3. Items from the treasure box




     We have read and understand the discipline policy for our classroom.


Parent Signature___________________________________


Child’s Name_____________________________

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