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AR is an online program we use to monitor students independent reading.  It is an online program, the students read books and take quizzes on their books to determine comprehension. Your child’s AR goal is specific to their reading level.  The students receive silent reading time daily in class and are expected to read nightly to achieve their goals.  

Point Goal: Every student has a point goal they are trying to achieve each nine weeks.  This is based on your child’s individual reading level, as well as time spent reading at home and at school. An easy way to stay on top of this is to divide your child’s goal by 9 weeks, this gives you an idea of how many points they should be getting each week.  Typically a picture book is worth .5 points.  Chapter books have different point values depending on their length and complexity.  It is also everyone’s goal to have at least 85% correct on their test.  This means they have comprehended the book.

Certification - Your child is also working on a certification, this is also based on their past progress and their STAR reading score.  It is our goal that every student will receive a certification during the first nine weeks.  In order for books to count towards a student's certification they must be the correct difficulty and point value. Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this page for more information.

The goal of AR is to increase your child’s reading ability.  Reading is like any other skill, the more you practice it the better you become.

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AR Certifications

Honors Certification – Books chosen by librarian, 100 points

Classic Certification – 3 books, light green dot or higher, 6.0 grade level or higher, worth at least 7 points each

Star Certification–  3 books, blue dot or higher, 4.1 grade level or higher, worth at least 4 points each

Advanced Certification – 3 books, aqua dot or higher, 3.1 grade level or higher, worth at least 2 points each

Super Certification – 3 books, green dot or higher, 2.1 grade level or higher, worth at least 1 point each

Rising Certification – 3 books, purple dot or higher, 1.6 grade level or higher, 10 points total

Independent Certification – 3 books, purple dot or higher, 1.2 grade level or higher, 10 points total

Ready Certification – 5 points total


Please visit to find the book level and point value of any book.

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