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    Each week we will create our own bank of spelling words.  Students will be given a spelling rule, then they work as a class to come up with words that follow that rule.  Once we create a master list of words, students will choose ten words to make their individualized spelling lists.  Students are encouraged to create their "just right" list.  This means that students should challenge themselves with their word choices, but should not make their lists too hard.  This is self differentiation at its best!  It ususally takes about two weeks for them to figure out how to choose just right words. 

    Spellilng tests are given each Friday over their words.  They will work on spelling these words in class.  After the first spelling test, I will decide if spelling homework will be added.  I am hoping not to do this, but practice makes perfect. 



    We will be adding vocabulary to our weekly word list.  At this time, we are starting out with six words each week.  A test will be taken along with their spelling test at the end of each week.

    There has been a separate folder added with the vocabulary words. 

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