8th Grade US History  

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Many of you will begin this class with the idea that History is static, meaning it doesn't change. Things that remain unchanged over long periods of time become stale and boring. And it may seem hard to argue with that understanding. After all, we all know that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. That fact hasn't changed. However, History is more than a record of what happened. History requires interpretation and connection, which in turn requires us to look closer. Whose history are we telling? And from which vantage point are we telling it?

The course begins with European Colonization of the "New World" after Columbus accidentally crashes his ship into the Bahamas.  The ideas of Mercantilism, limited, self, and representative government will then be the prevailing theme of the first semester as "We" break up with England and "Never ever get back together (Taylor Swift)."  The successes and failures of our new government will be analyzed and compared with present day, as will the addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution.  Our year will end by connecting early sectional events in the development of our Nation (Slavery, State's Rights, Federalism) to the Civil War, and finally analyzing how our Nation's Reconstruction efforts shaped the 20th Century.  

Much of this course will be facilitated through online materials including but not limited to: Google Applications, Google Classroom, Google Sites, and Weebly.com. Below you can find a link to your specific google classroom where you will find assignments class materials. You will also find a link to the Google Site where I upload all class materials. This is a great way to get materials if you are absent.


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