Success Criteria and Grades

1. Bring a positive attitude to class

2. Maintain good attendance

3. Take good notes

4. Ask questions/participate

5. Study for quizzes and tests


Grading Plan: 

The following grading scale has been established to determine the student's nine weeks grade:

A = 100-90% B = 89-80% C = 79-70% D = 69-60% F = 59-0%


Students and parents are responsible for routine monitoring of grades through Infinite Campus.  In an effort to maintain transparency in the grading process, Mr. Mercer has asked all teachers to adhere to the same policy regarding graded work:

  1. At least two grades are to be entered into Infinite Campus each week in each class.

  2. Any work not turned in on the day it is due (students receive a unit calendar in my classes) will be marked as missing regardless of the reason until turned in. Once the work has been turned in, a grade will be entered into Infinite Campus for that assignment. This includes any work missed due to absence even if the absence is excused.

    1. Per school policy, excused absences allow the student the number of days absent to make up any missing assignments with no penalty.


Additionally, the following grading policies will apply only to my Social Studies classes:

  1. Assignments turned in one class period late will carry no penalty once entered into Infinite Campus.

  2. Assignments turned in more than one class period late but less than one week will carry one letter grade penalty in addition to any points missed due to mistakes.

  3. Assignments turned in more than one week late will receive half credit assuming no mistakes are made on the assignment.

  4. No assignments will be accepted after the unit assessment unless they were assigned in the same week as the assessment was completed or there are extenuating circumstances.


Please understand that these policies are meant to provide grace to students but also to prepare them for the realities of high school next year as most teachers do not accept late work.

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