Course Policies

As a student in this American History class, you will be expected to arrive prepared each day to develop writing skills and to begin the process of historical analysis critical to understanding and interpreting the past. Additionally, the following policies/expectations will guide us through this course:   


  1. Attendance: Arrive on time to my class. Repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary action being taken. Additionally, do not expect to leave my classroom once there. No one leaves during the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of class unless requested by another staff member. Any trip from my room must be accompanied by a signed agenda.


  1. An absence does NOT excuse you from assignments completed while away. It is your responsibility to get all late work and return it in a timely manner. There may be extra copies left, however, all work/notes can be found on the class google site. You will have the number of days you were absent to complete and turn in missing assignments unless otherwise agreed upon by myself and your parents. Project and paper due dates will NOT be changed due to absences unless there are extenuating circumstances which will be determined at my discretion. 


  1. Student Work: You will be expected to complete classroom assignments during class time. Unfinished work should be completed at home and turn it on the indicated due date.? Due dates will be indicated on a unit calendar. You are expected to read class materials when given, think critically, and write effectively using complete sentences and proper grammar in every written performance. 


  1. Assessments: Assessments will be in one of three forms: either a test, project, or research paper. You will have a total of five tests, three projects, and one research paper.  Understand, that assessments carry a heavier weight in the gradebook; so do a good job on them! The type of assessment you can expect for each unit has been listed next to each unit we will cover below.


  1. Organization: You will be expected to maintain a well organized binder for the duration of the class.  Your binder will be filled with items that provide you with technical knowledge and assignments that reflect your mastery of course objectives. Binders will be checked at the end of each unit for a grade. Unless absent, binders CANNOT be turned in late. Binders should be divided into the following 4 sections:

    1. Notes

      1. The student is responsible for ANY & ALL notes we take during each Unit!

      2. Check the online classroom for what you missed if you're absent.

                  b. Handouts (including any bell-work or reflections)

      1. This section will contain anything you are given in class that is instructional, informational, or merely for your reference & DOES NOT NEED TO BE TURNED IN OR GRADED.

                  c. Classwork & Study Guides

      1. Classwork (even after it is turned in & graded) must be kept in this section until the end of each unit.

      2. If work is not collected then merely file it into this section & it will be assessed during the next Binder Check.

                  d. Test & Quizzes

      1. Returned Tests & Quizzes (or Answer Sheets) should be kept in this section.


  1. Classroom Discussion: I will initiate many classroom discussions in which I encourage you to take part. Participation in these discussions will not only increase your involvement in class but also will important in determining your grade.  Creativity is encouraged. Plus, it's more fun when I don't talk the whole period! Lack of consistent verbal participation will be reflected in your participation grade.


  1. Collaborative Activities:  collaborative work is a privilege not a right. You are expected to be an active and integral member of your group at all times. Should it become apparent that the level of work is suffering, collaborative work will NOT continue.   


  1. Parent/Teacher/Student Communication: Parent, teacher, and student communication will occur in several different ways this year. I will be using the remind system in all my classes to ensure that everyone including parents receive all important information. All students are required to sign up.  Instructions for signing up for my remind class have been provided on the following page.


Additionally, much of our classwork will be facilitated through a google site that I keep and google classroom. Google classroom provides a calendar with reminders of when assignments are due, as well as a form to use for communication.


Parents, if you have additional questions feel free to send me an email. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Some questions may be simple enough to answer during the instructional day or during a planning period. Others, however, may require that I respond after school. Please note that any emails sent after 6:00pm will be answered the following morning.


Students, feel free to use the remind app to send me a question or send me an email. As mentioned above any emails sent after 6:00pm will be answered the following morning.


  1. Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit may be offered in several forms, some more regular than others.? Extra credit will not be offered as a means to raise a grade.


  1. school policies: No hats, coats, large backpacks, sunglasses, or mp3 players and cellphones (unless instructed by a teacher) as outlined in the student handbook.

Academic Honesty:  Academic honesty is expected in this class.  Cheating, plagiarism, or other dishonest actions will not be tolerated. Consequences may include:  reduction in grade on assignment, repeat assignment, no grade on assignment or others as deemed appropriate.  Academic dishonesty will be reported to a school counselor and a parent will be notified.

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