Biology Syllabus


Department of Science

Teacher: Amanda Simpson

School Year: 2017-2018



Contact Information

For questions that may arise regarding any component of the course, I can be contacted most readily by email at 

Test and project dates can be found on Spencer County High School teacher website.

Course Goals

Biology is an inquiry-based course designed to familiarize you with science processes, skills, and understandings related to a wide range of topics in biology.  During this course, you will learn to identify the basic questions and concepts that guide scientific investigation and to design and conduct your own investigations.  Some important skills you will develop include graphing and measurement, identification of research questions, making connections, and the ability to be self-directed learner.


Course Content:

-Scientific Inquiry

-Measurement in Science

-Science in practice





-Animals and plants

-Relationships among organisms



Classroom Routines and Procedures

Students will begin class each day with a flashback followed by lecture, lab, or hands-on learning designed to ensure students will be successful on the biology end-of-course assessment.  Student learning targets are based on quality core standards along with next generation science standards, and college readiness standards.  Students will be assessed on the standards prior to leaving class each day, short quiz EVERY FRIDAY over material covered during the week.  Most work is completed in class, however when students do not complete during school, the work becomes homework.  Therefore, if you work really hard in class, then you most likely will not have homework.  Students will need to study for quizzes at home. 


Classroom Rules

Be in your seat and prepared when the bell rings.

Stay in seat unless permission to get up.

Be Kind.


Course Materials (Students are expected to bring the following to class EVERYDAY)

1 writing notebook


Writing utensil

3-ring binder (1 ½ or 2 inch works best)


Standard-based assessments in the form of quizzes will be graded using the rubric below.  For example, a student who masters a standard will score 5/5 (mastery) which is the same as 100%.  A student who earns 4.5/5 will earn 90%, 4.75/5 will earn 95%, and so on.  All students have the opportunity to reattempt mastery of a standard if they do not score 5/5 or 100% on a quiz.  However, it is the responsibility of your student to reschedule a makeup quiz with Mrs. Simpson outside the class period, either before or after school.  If a student masters a standard on the retake quiz, then the old grade will be replaced with the new one.  PLEASE NOTE: Students cannot retake a quiz after the end of the nine weeks.  Daily work will be graded based on effort and participation.


Assessment Rubric for ALL QUIZZES in biology


5 Mastery (100%)

  • Answers develop ideas fully and show strong evidence of understanding.
  • Evidence of thinking deeply about the task given, showing clear meaning and insight.
  • Answers are clearly written and well organized.
  • Completes all parts of question



  • Exhibits part of 4 and 5


  • Answers explain ideas clearly and show good evidence of understanding.
  • Answers are clearly written and organized.
  • Shows evidence of hard work and effort.


  • Exhibits part of 3 and 4

1-2 (please redo)

  • Answers explain ideas on a basic level
  • Minimal evidence of thinking deeply about text or question.
  • Answers may not be clearly written/organized.

No Work to Assess (Blank) = 0% will recorded





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