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      • Constant Time Delay
        This pptx. outlines the purpose and use of the Constant Time Delay strategy.
      • Constant Time Delay
        Olivia Pitchford (FMS) demonstrates the Constant Time Delay strategy.
      • Microsoft Edge
        Eric Cecil presents the various tasks that can be completed with the Microsoft Edge application in Windows 10.
      • Visual Cues
        Sarah Deskin demonstrates how she uses Visual Cue Posters to help students follow directions in Pre-School classrooms.
      • Writing Strategies
        Heather Bolin presents information on how she helps her 4th grade students internalize strategies for completing writing assignments.
      • LiPS Speech Language Program
        Paige Cochran introduces LiPS, a speech/language program for introducing letters and sounds.
      • Program Review Poster
        Tam Hollan demonstrates how she has her 4th grade students construct posters for Program Reviews.
      • Interactive Spelling
        Melinda Harrelson (4th grade) presents her system for developing spelling word lists.
      • Student-Led Conferences
        Holly DeVary (primary)provides guidance on implementing student-led conferences with parents.
      • Hunks and Chunks
        Victoria Scheich provides tips on how to how primary students with decoding words.
      • Cooperative Learning
        Christi Burke(elementary music) gives tips for facilitating cooperative learning activities.
      • Word Work - Julie Voegele
        This is an overview of the Word Work centers in a 3rd grade classroom.
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