As a fourth grader, students need to become more independent as readers. Students will be responsible for their education by putting first things first.


  • Student is to read 20 minutes per night 5 times weekly. (Monday – Thursday and once on the weekend)

  • Student is to read a book that is on their AR dot color level. Mrs.Dennis will provide this during the first weeks of school.

  • When students finish reading a book he/she will take an AR test at school.


Ideas for building independence with reading homework:


  1. Have the student set a timer (egg time/microwave timer/cell phone) for 30 minutes instead of parents keeping track of time.


  1. Designate a certain time of the evening as reading time (after dinner, before bath, before bed) so that you don’t have to continually remind your child to read for homework. Parents can also read something of their choice at this time to demonstrate daily reading time.


  1. Praise your child for being responsible for their reading homework by having a discussion about the book they are reading.


  1. Reward your child for having a complete reading homework log for one month!!! Plan something fun to do together (maybe go to the bookstore or library together to pick out a new book.)


*Activities outside of school are important, but this is a daily expectation not excused by sports or other extra-curricular activities.

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