Links for Learning


An Interactive and Fun Way to Learn!

On this page, you will find links to help you learn even more about what we
are doing in class. Also, you can practice associated skills, play fun games
to reinforce learning, study for tests, and conduct research.  In the 
future, I will assign you links to visit during class and, if possible, you may 
return to the links after class.  

Check These Out!

This will help you develop a better understanding of how our economy works.  

Using Study Island on a regular basis has been shown to raise 
test scores and knowledge of core content.  This is a great 
place to practice skills and have fun.  You may need to log off 
and log back in to see your completed work.  It takes a while for 
it to show up.  :)  
Study Island


Have you ever found a book that interested you in reading but, 
wondered if it was AR? Here is the solution.  At the site, you 
can find the level, points, and quiz number.  
A. R. Book Finder


See how fast you can get on your multiplication and division 
facts. Get a score of 100% in the needed time. Print your 
certificate and get your parent or an adult family member to 
sign it to earn extra points in math.  :) Good Luck!
Are you a Mathmagician?


This is a very exciting site that will help get better at math 
facts. Turn down the volume because it gets pretty loud! Also, I 
think your screaming will add to the loud sounds. This site is 
fun and good for helping with addition, subtraction, 
multiplication and division. Check it out and you'll return!
Math Mayhem


What is on your mind? This is a great site to answer all those 
smart questions! Check it out.

Ask Kids


Practice playing factor captor.
Factor Captor


Let's pull together and get as many points as possible.  AR 
testing is part of your reading grade.  
AR Testing


REALLY COOL math site!  
I Know That!  


This is one of my favorite sites to visit.  Yes, at times, I do 
get a little out of control when playing these games.  Remind me 
that I am the teacher and I usually get hold of myself.  Great 
site to practice vocabulary, math facts, state capitals, and 
other skills.  Check it out and you'll be back!  
Practice Lots of Skills Here


Timed multiplication quizzes are on this site.  :)  
Let's get fast with our multiplication facts!


This site goes along with our History Alive activities.  It is a 
great place to study for chapter tests.  
History Alive 


This is the place to go to get help with fractions.  Fractions 
can be tricky.  This site offers help in many different ways.  
If your family needs a little review before they can help you, 
this is a great place for them too. It can answer some of your 
questions about fractions.  If you want to work ahead, check 
for step by step instructions.  You are going to a fraction 
expert in no time!  :)  
Fraction Help!!


There are lots of fun ways to be a better speller at this 
site.  :)  
Spelling City


Check this often as it changes.  We will be using this site as 
we practice estimating and many other math concepts.  Remember 
the more you practice, the better you get. So,.... practice!  
Practice!  Practice!  
Practice Lots of Math Skills Here


We had so much fun with the word puzzles during class.  I found 
some more.  See if you can figure them out.  Good Luck!
Word Puzzles  


Review and Practice adding and subtracting using this 
PowerPoint.  :)  
PowerPoint for Adding and Subtracting Numbers with Decimals 


Excellent stories can be heard and read here.  =)  
Hear actors read some great stories!


I love this site!  It is a wonderful place to start writing 
poems.  After you complete the form, click create my instant 
poem. Your poem will appear on the screen. Then, copy and paste 
it into a new word document.  In the document, you can make 
changes to the poem.  Of course, you can also center it in the 
document, add clip art, change font, and print it.  ALWAYS save 
your work and print a copy for your writing binder.  
ETTC Poetry


This is a great place to get some ideas for writing letters.  
You can watch a powerpoint or get some free stationary.  LOTS AND 
LOTS of cool ideas and links for letter writing.
Writing Letters


This site has a great webquest and many interesting links.  It 
is kid-teacher and teacher-friendly.  
Explore, Explore, Explore


Cuddle up and enjoy a great book here!  
Great Books Read by Actors


Add Fractions and Check Your Answers.  
Adding Fractions


This is a really cool way to make a design with words.  Make a 
list of words related to a topic.  For example, you might want 
make a "wordle" with words about the Revolutionary War.  


Check out one of the videos or activities here.  They are 


Help Feed the Hungry People of the World and Get Smarter! You 
will practice lots of skills here and, amazingly, you will be 
helping others.  :-) 
Help Feed the Hungry People of the World and Get Smarter! 


This is a great place to find games to help you get even smarter 
in areas that you need extra practice in.  :-)  
Games to Practice Skills


A great place to learn and practice new skills.  :-)  
IXL Math


Practice solving number sentences here. :-)
Order of Operations Practice


The site offers lots of ways to practice math skills. This link 
will allow you to pracice solving problems with parentheses.  
Don't forget to Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! 

Adapted Mind


Practice solving number sentences while following the correct 
order of operations.  Video support is avaliable on the site. 
Adapted Mind # 2


This is a great place to visit for some very challenging math 
activities.  We'll be using this site at school too.  
Math Challenges


The slide show shares important information about this exciting 
time in history.
Age of Exploration


Practice making singular words into plurals at this site.  
Ready to Fish for some Plurals?  


Teach a monster how to complete long division.  This site allows 
you to practice the steps involved in completing long division 
problems.  :-)
Long Division Made Easy!


If you still need a little help with long division, this is the 
place to go for a quick review!
Long Division Lesson


After watching the video, there are lots of fun games to help you 
with vocabulary skills.  
Analogy Video


This is the fun game we played in class.  Work on your math 
skills of adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals.
Decimal Jeopardy


Troublesome words!
Troublesome Words and Phrases


Learn the following types of triangles: acute, obtuse, right, 
straight, and scalene!
Angles and Triangles


Learn to work your way through analogies!


Practice writing synonyms for words through this fun game!


Work your way through division by solving the Division Pods.
Division Pods


Help the diver reach the treasure by solving the division 
Division Diving


Here is a place that you can practice and have fun.  :-)
Can You Reduce Fractions? 


Challenge yourself here! 
Fraction Games


This is a great place to learn all about decimals and fractions.  
Decimals and Fractions


This is one of my favorite places to visit.  You can write short 
stories with cool pictures and save them into your account.  If 
you like making books, this is the place for you.  
Story Bird


This is a great site to help you become a better writer while 
having some fun.  I can't wait to read your newspaper!  
Make your own newspaper!


This is a FUN place to review math concepts!  You'll love it!  
We're using this at school too.  I know everyone wants Mrs. Z. to 
sing.  :-) 
Study Jams!


Need a little help understanding a math concept? Need a little 
extra practice?  Mom and dad are confused about all this "new 
math?"  This is the place for you!!!  
Help with Math!


This is a great place to get a little help with division and 
decimals.  :-) 
What Division WITH decimals? 


Practice your inference skills at this site.  Can you read 
between the lines? 
Be an inference reading detective!  


You can practice at your level here.  Become an expert by 
your skills with coordinate graphs.  
coordinate grid practice


Play against the computer or a friend.  :)You will have fun and 
sharpen your skills. 
Fun practice coordinate graphs


You will find a space game that helps you practice your skills 
with ordered pairs here. 
Ordered Pairs!


This is an amazing site that allows teachers to match helpful 
slideshows with practice with students' 
specific needs.  It is also great for parents needing a little 
review of concepts.  I can give you number 
that will link you up with a specific show or you can just type a 
key word or our current standard to 
get help.  :)   
Learn Zillions of New Things Here!


This is an very kid friendly interactive place to explore.  Learn 
about our government here. 
The Democracy Project


Everyone should work on this EVERY night!  :)  Let's get smarter 


At this site, you can work on skills according to your MAP 
assessment.  Meet your MAP goal by working on your needed 
skills.  The more you practice, the smarter you'll be.  :) 
Learn what you NEED to learn in MATH! 


At this site, you can work on skills according to your MAP 
assessment.  Meet your MAP goal by working on your needed 
skills.  The more you practice, the smarter you'll be.  :) 
Learn what you NEED to learn in LANGUAGE ARTS! 


Help for division.  :) 
Division troubles?   :) 


This site allows you to take practice tests so you can see what 
you still need to learn. :) 
Get Ready for Testing Here! 


Check this site out to become an expert using and reading words 
with prefixes and suffixes.  :) 
prefix and suffix review


Check out this site if you need a little more practice in 
determining the structure of a piece.  There 
are MANY different links here.  Pick some that you think will 
help you become an expert in this area.  
Thanks for working so hard to be the best you can be!!!
Text Structure Practice


This quick and simple video will help you become an expert on 
multiplying and dividing fractions.  
How to Multiply and Divide Fractions...Simply!  


This site can help you master any math concept that you still 
don't fully understand.  Watch videos, practice, and you'll see a 
BIG difference.  :) 
Khan Academy


division with decimals


Have fun while practicing your map skills!  :)


This is the link that goes with the lesson we did in class.  :)  
Become a Leader of Students Learning Maps Skills!  


Please practice daily.  If you do, you'll be amazed by quickly 
you will be able to answer "quick facts."  
This skill will allow you to keep up with our math and get even more answers correct.  :)
Xtra Math


Our class song!  :)  
What I Am


We all need this reminder every once in a while.... Don't give up!  
Don't Give Up


This is a GREAT math resource with examples for many 
concepts.  :)  
An amazing resource for math vocabulary 


This site will help you become an expert in multiplying fractions in no time. 
Multiplying Fractions ****


Fun on the Smartboard or regular computer!!!
Reduce Fractions at Your Level


Reduce more complicated fractions here!  :)  Are you up for it??
Challenge Yourself Here


Reducing Fractions!
reducing fractions!!!


Cheer and remember!  
Longitude and Latitude Cheer


Oh Yea!  This is the one for dancing while learning about a main ideas in passage. 
"Better Reading Style"


Read articles and respond to them in your reading journal and, if available, take a quiz on-line. 


Students log in here!  :)


Have Fun!  Explore the colonies.  
Mission US


Take a virtual trip to Williamsburg. Make sure to check out the Gazette! 
Colonial Williamsburg


Select two people of interest to you.  Take notes on these two people.  You will use this information to write a letter or journal entry from his or her
point of view. 
Learn about people that lived during the Colonial Times.


Please read and complete the given quizzes.  
Revolutionary War


Check this out!  :) 

Revolutionary War


Play the Millionaire game here.


Play a game and rescue a prince and king while practicing PEMDAS. 
Order of Operations


Check this site out to set some goals and plans for your future.  
Career Choices


Test Prep
Let it Go!


Explore this site for lots of cool things!


Play games while practicing your math skills.  :) 

Lots of Math Fun Here!


Travel with Lewis and Clark here.  
interactive journey out west!


research here


This is similar to Mission US.  Check it out!!  :) 
Westward Trail


Great place to explore and learn. :) 
Check out the Trails Used During Western Expansion. 


This is a great interactive that site allows you explore life in earlier America.
 Live the life... 


Having a quick recall of your math facts is key to becoming a math expert. This site will help you with this. :)  
Be a Mathmagician!

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