For the Week of : Feb. 20- Feb. 23

Reading: Read 10-15  minutes.  Sign Reading Log on the back of the Newsletter. 

Word Work (Wd Wk):  Study Spelling Words and Word Wall Words as needed:   

Spelling Words: (-dge pattern) edge, hedge, ledge, wedge, budge, fudge, judge, nudge, dodge, lodge  Bonus: fridge, pledge   

Challenge Group: Any student may try the challenge group at this time....  bakery, recipes, dough, customers

Write Spelling Words in a sentence.  Use handwriting paper.  You may use more than one Spelling  word in a sentence.  Thus, eliminating the number of sentences you have to write.)

Word Wall Words: it's, let's, that's, we're, you're

Math:  6-1, subtraction sheet,  cursive sheet

Cursive:  letters:  i u t w r s j p  e l f h k b a o     

               words: it, sit, wrist, rust, up, put, elf, buke, kite, pie, well, his, are, boat 

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