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World Civilization Course Syllabus

Mr. McClellan


A. Course Title: World Civilization

Length: Yearlong


Course Outcomes:  World Civilizations is designed to acquaint students with a broad understanding of the history of the world since 1500.  The aim of the course is to increase students’ awareness of important historical events and the reasons they occurred.


The following social studies skills will be developed:

1. The ability to read social studies materials, including primary and secondary source documents.

2. The ability to communicate orally and in writing.

3. The refinement of map reading skills.


B. Classroom Behavior and Citizenship

1. Be Prepared:

a. Be in your seat and ready to begin the bell ringer when the bell rings.

b. Have all necessary materials for class, no one will be

allowed to return to their lockers after class has started

c. Please don’t eat in class.

d. Please don’t use your cell phone in class without permission.  If I see it, you’re using it.

2. Respect the rights of others to learn

3. Be respectful towards others, the room, and yourselves.


C. Classroom Procedures

a. At the end of the class, please turn in any classwork in the class bin at the back of the room.

b. If you miss class, your make-up work will be in your class make-up work bin at the back of the room.  It is your responsibility to pick it up.


G. Course Outline

Unit 1 – Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 2 – Scientific Revolution/Exploration

Unit 3 - Absolutism

Unit 4 – Enlightenment/American Revolution

Unit 5 – French Revolution

Unit 6 – Industrial Revolution

Unit 7 – Nationalism/Imperialism

Unit 8 – World War I/Russian Revolution

Unit 9 – World War II

Unit 10  – Cold War/Vietnam

Permission Slip

Throughout this course, many different video clips will be used to illustrate different themes in literature.  All of the clips shown will be directly tied to current Kentucky English standards and the course material we are currently covering.  Movies will include, but are not limited to:

Amistad (an 8 minute clip that depicts the middle passage voyage that slaves endured while traveling from Africa to the Americas).  During this clip, the slaves are naked while on the ship.

Saving Private Ryan (a 10 minute clip that accurately depicts the Allied landing on Normandy beach.  There is adult language and the movie includes many scenes involving death of soldiers in this clip.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at


I give my son/daughter permission to view the above clips in class, including any other clips that may be used during the course.


______________________________________________  (Student name, please print)



_______________________________________________  (Signature of parent or guardian)


If you choose not to sign this permission slip, please return it with a written statement below that you do not wish your child to participate during these activities.  An alternate assignment will be given and no points will be lost.

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