UNITED STATES HISTORY                    


 Mr. McClellan




Welcome to United States history.  I look forward to working with you this year.  This course focuses on the history of our nation from the Exploration-World War I. Upon completion of this curriculum, students will take an End of Course Exam.   The primary goal of this course involves the continuance of United States history at a higher level of thinking.  Students will learn by using multiple strategies such as:  lecture/note-taking, reading(text and other primary/secondary documents), simulations/role-play, debates, projects, etc. 


You can achieve success in this class by following the class expectations.


 Our primary text is United States History(Reconstruction to the Present),

Pearson/Prentice Hall 2008 *note—texts were selected based on KY Core Content ; Textbook will be supplemented for Units 1-4 to correlate with the new program from ACT—Quality Core*

Supplementary Reading:  selected primary and secondary source documents

                                from scholarly journals, government publications, newspapers, etc.



Your learning and progress will be measured through a variety of methods such as tests, quizzes (announced and unannounced), group work, projects, writing assignments, and participation.

  • I will grade your assignments using a ‘point’ system
  • Students will complete an End of Course Exam developed by ACT. The exam will count 20% of the student’s final grade.


Units of Study as outlined by ACT Quality Core (tentative number of days per unit)

Unit 1      Exploration and Colonization (15 days)

Unit 2     Creating a Nation(15 days)

Unit 3     Antebellum America(15 days)

Unit 4     Civil War and Reconstruction(12 days)

Unit 5  Industrialization & Urbanization the North and East(16 days)

The Benefits & Costs of  Modernization

Unit 6     Reintegration of the South & the Incorporation of the West (15 days)

Unit 7      Increasing Influences &  Challenges: Populism, Progressivism, Imperialism (10 days)

Unit 8     The United States in a Changing World: WWI, 1920s, Depression/New Deal (15 days)



  1. RESPECT me and your classmates. This includes respecting everyone’s property.
  2. Remain SEATED unless class activity requires you to move.
  3. BE ON TIME.
  4. Use APPROPRIATE language.
  5. CELL PHONES and electronic devices must not be visible or heard.
  6. FOOD and DRINK are prohibited. Water is allowed.
  7. All WHHS school and FCPS district rules apply in this classroom.
  8. LEARN and CONTRIBUTE to our history lab.








Permission Slip

Throughout this course, many different video clips will be used to illustrate different themes throughout history.  All of the clips shown will be directly tied to current Kentucky social studies standards and the course material we are currently covering. 


Movies will include, but are not limited to:


Amistad (an 8 minute clip that depicts the middle passage voyage that slaves endured while traveling from Africa to the Americas).  During this clip, the slaves are naked while on the ship.


Saving Private Ryan (a 10 minute clip that accurately depicts the Allied landing on Normandy beach.  There is adult language and many scenes involving death of soldiers in this clip.


If you have any questions, please e-mail me at


I give my son/daughter permission to view the above clips in class, including any other clips that may be used during the course.


______________________________________________  (Student name, please print)



_______________________________________________  (Signature of parent or guardian)


If you choose not to sign this permission slip, please return it with a written statement below that you do not wish your child to participate during these activities.  An alternate assignment will be given and no points will be lost.












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