Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

CBI is a form of instruction that takes place in a natural setting. Skills are taught in the environment where they natuarlly occur. For example, it would be difficult to teach students how to safely cross a street if they never left the classroom. That is a skill that must be taught and practiced in a real setting. In addition, money skills can be taught in the classroom with the teacher but the ultimate goal is for students to make real purchases in the community. Therefore, shopping skills, which include planning, budgeting, paying, counting change, etc must be generalized in natural settings.

How Can Parents Help?

1. Let your child order and pay for his/her own food when eating at a fast food restaurant.

2. Need stamps?  Let your child make that purchase. You can assist as needed.

3. When shopping together, encourage your child to do comparison shopping across brands, prices, and sizes.

4. Talk to your child about budgeting, paying bills, and saving money.

5. Encourage your child to read labels, store signs, road signs, and store ads. 

6. When in the community, point out various jobs people have and talk about the skills needed for employment.

7. Encourage you child to help with cooking and cleaning around the house. Give a few specific chores and praise them accordingly.

8. Let your child help plan a fun family activity in the community.


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