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What’s Coming Up! We have had a terrific week of school; so much learning has already occurred! The solar eclipse is coming up on Monday. Mrs. Pietz has planned some activities to help students enjoy this rare occurrence. Students will be going outside periodically to monitor the path of the moon. We do have approved viewing glasses for all students (thanks Taylor family!) and, we will discuss the importance of keeping the glasses on at all times. Paperwork is also going home today from Mr. Kidwell; look for it in backpacks. Another quick note, the best way to contact Mrs. Pietz or me is through email. We do not always check Dojo throughout the day. If you need to get in touch with either of us over something important, please send an email. or

What We Are Learning

Reading: Making Connections

We have been reading and discussing

a fantastic children’s book,

Wonder. Our focus skill this week

has been “making connections”.

Students have done well with this.

Writing: Writing Skills

Students have been practicing good

writing skills. We have practiced

writing correct, complete, and focused

paragraphs, using strong verbs and

adjectives and using transitions.

Math/Science: Number Sense

Students have worked with arrays,

decimals and place value to

increase number sense. In science,

students have been learning about

the solar eclipse.

Social Studies: Geography

This week we have been studying

geography. We have looked at

landforms, latitude and longitude,

and the 7 continents and oceans.


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