What are we learning?

Math: Unit One 

  • Factors
  • Prime and composite numbers
  • Prime factorization
  • Exponents/ squared numbers
  • Square root of a number
  • Divisibility

Assessment is on Tuesday, September 12th



In Reading, our read-aloud is  Auggie and Me.  We are learning about how different points-of-view influences our thoughts and feelings of a character.  We are also integrating Social Studies with our reading block and learning about WWII, the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, and Anne Frank. In Literacy Centers, we are reading more informational text about the above topics and reviewing how to annotate text to help us better understand the author's purpose.


Social Studies

Besides learning about World War II, we are also  learning how to identify parts of a map, longitude and latitude, equater, prime meridian, etc.  We are also focusing on labeling the states, oceans, and continents.





We have been reading different opinions on the use of fidget spinners in the classroom.  Students are working on writing an Opinion piece, using texand personal experience as supporting detail.  Students are also learning how to use the opposing view point to streagthen their own arguement.


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