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Mission and Vision Statement


Spencer County Schools:  Together we can make a difference for all students.


Spencer County Schools will challenge and support all students to become highly effective individuals.


 ·       TOGETHER WE WILL base all decisions on what is best for all students.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL challenge all students to learn and achieve at their highest level.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL provide a safe environment.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL positively impact student achievement.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL partner with families and the community to serve our students.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL work collaboratively to incorporate a variety of instructional strategies.                                                                  
·       TOGETHER WE WILL utilize various assessment methods and provide feedback to students.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL challenge students to think critically.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL promote personal independence, global awareness, and social responsibility.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL commit to ongoing professional development and continuous growth.
·      TOGETHER WE WILL reflect on the results of our individual and collective efforts for continuous improvement.
·       TOGETHER WE WILL work together to achieve the District vision.