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Attendance Information

Attendance & Truancy Information


Absences Definition


  • Missing half or more of a day is considered an absence.  This includes all scheduled activities such as homeroom, classes, assemblies, pep rallies, etc.


  • Students are not absent when participating in school activities which have been authorized by the Spencer County Board of Education and which are definite part of the instructional program of the school.


  • Students must remain at school at all times or check out through the office.  Students leaving campus during the school day without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.
    Excused absences include:  a) Illness of the student; b) Death in the immediate family (the immediate family is defined as the parents, siblings, grandparents, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, without reference to the location or resident of said relative, and other blood relatives who reside in the student's home).  Excuses are to be sent to the building administrator or the school attendance clerk.


  • Authorized school activities:  a)Religious holidays; b)Court summons; c)Driver's permit or license; d)Medical Appointment; e)Absences for good cause with prior approval of the principal.  Absences for reasons other than those listed above will be considered unexcused and students will not be allowed to make up any work.  Students have three (3) days after an absence to present an excuse.  (If a student receives an excused absence, the student shall accept responsibility to see the teacher and ask what work is to be made up.  The student will have one day to make up work for each day of school missed.  Extenuating circumstances may be addressed by the student's principal/designee.)  Unexcused absences include:  a)Truancy; b) Indifference of parent/legal guardians; c)Working; d)Transportation (missed bus); e)Suspension; f)Oversleeping; g)Juvenile detention/jail; h)Babysitting; i)Skipping school (all or part of the day); j)Other (any that is deemed inexcusable by the school personnel) unauthorized leaving school grounds for any period of time.


  • Unexcused tardiness:  A student who is not in his or her homeroom, classroom, or other assigned areas when the tardy bell rings is considered tardy.  In addition, a student who leaves before the end of the school day will be considered tardy.  Repeated tardiness is subject to disciplinary action.


  • Truancy:  Any student who has been absent from school without a valid excuse for three (3) or more days, or tardy on three (3) or more days, is a truant.  any student who has been reported as truant two (2) or more times is a habitual truant.  Being absent for less than half of a school day shall be regarded as being tardy.  *See Student Code of Conduct Book for further details and information.


Students over sixteen:  Any student over sixteen years of age who is absent six (6) days from school without sufficient documentation will be reported as a habitual truant.  Parents, guardians, and/or custodians of a student who have not reached his/her eighteenth birthday are accountable if the student fails to comply with school truancy laws.