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Bids and Purchasing

Purchases that are $5,000 or more

must be approved by the Superintendent.


Purchase Certification Form

This form is to be certified by the District Finance Officer prior to the purchase. District/school personnel may make purchases of up to $2,500 outside established price contract agreements after approval from District Finance Officer.

Vendor Source
Updated 12/16/2015


Bids and Coops

  1. SCPS Vendor List 
  2. KPC Vendors 
  3. KEDC (Federal Funded Purchases)
  4. ALL STATE AGENCY Master Agreement Listing
  5. NJPA Vendors/Sourcewell
  6. AEPA Vendor List
  7. US Communities Vendors
  8. First Aid (Cintas) - (502) 964-7337(502) 964-7337
  9. Insurance - Student
  10. Printing - (KPC)

 Vendor Complaint Form