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Gifted and Talented Services

The Spencer County Gifted and Talented Program offers gifted education services for identified students across all grade levels. Primary students are screened and selected as high-potential learners and students in grades 4-12 are formally identified for services in one or more of the following areas:

     • general intellectual aptitude
     • specific academic aptitude
     • creative or divergent thinking
     • psychosocial or leadership skills
     • visual or performing arts


The goal of the Spencer County Gifted and Talented Program is to help our identified students achieve significant growth through our differentiated classroom experiences. Our pull-out services at the elementary level have resulted in many projects that have grown students in their presentation skills and level of thinking. Field studies have been offered at all levels to encourage student growth in the arts and sciences. High School leadership students have honed their skills by assisting with various workshops and fairs at the high school and middle school. Middle School students have been challenged with differentiation in classrooms for high-level thinking using the Genius Hour technique in science classes.        


Parent Information

G/T checklist for Parent Identification may be completed and turned in to the Gifted and Talented Services staff.



Teacher Information

Referral Form for Gifted and Talented Services - Teachers may use this form to refer a student for a specific area of gifted ability for identification purposes.


Gifted and Talented Services Staff

Todd Russell
Director of Diverse Learning
Elizabeth Hinton, GT Teacher
Chad Collins,  GT Teacher

Andrea Wcisel, GT Family Advocate